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Yes im mainly a Pokemon fanatic,yet i love it so much!!!

:icongarchompplz: :iconjolteonplz: :iconglaceonplz: :iconpuruglyplz: :iconskuntankplz: :icontoxicroak-plz:

:iconteamgalacticplz: :iconcommandersaturnplz: :iconcommandermarsplz: :iconcommanderjupiterplz:

:iconpalkiaplz: :icondialgaplz: :icongiratinaplz:


My favorite artwork by my favorite people...

Team Galactic Rules!!!
:iconteamgalacticplz: :iconcommandermarsplz: :iconcommandersaturnplz: :iconcommanderjupiterplz:


Human Face by Borsaline-Tresbien

This is perfect and beautiful my friend,i must say that you are starting to improve some more,all you need to do now it start working o...

Ghost Pokemon by JackFrost-LCDA

this is very excellent,the marowak ghost appears in the pokemon tower of course,very lovelu drawing also,u did a very good job i'd say ...

well I don't usually critique much on art work but I guess you could say that these are what I critique on... ^^;


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Is it just me or?

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 19, 2015, 1:38 AM
Does everyone run from me when I tell them what the hell my problem is. Every time I tell someone what is going on, they never answer back after I say what my problem is...its happened two times already and I feel like people already hate me. If anyone hates me then please tell me you do cause I dont like it when you end up keeping secrets from me. I get the feeling too many people hate me here so I should probably just leave forever

  • Mood: Pissed Off
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  • Playing: Call of Duty Black Ops 2
  • Eating: Potato Chips
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Delirious followed Sebastian back to the Mansion for what seemed like hours. Delirious grew tired of walking and almost collapsed. Sebastian then said "I can offer to carry you to the Mansion if you wish". Delirious then said "that would be great, I could use a little rest, please carry me". Sebastian agreed to it and picked Delirious up with no problem. Delirious however asked "do you always do this when you see guests in need or something?". Sebastian replied back saying "well I mostly carry back young master after he has been through enough". Delirious asked "exactly how young is this person you are talking about, are they like maybe twenty or something?". Sebastian then replied saying "younger than you think but not too young though, just young enough where he is at least mature though is all i can say". Delirious starts thinking about that for a moment.

After another thirty minutes of the two just asking questions back and forth, they finally arrived at their destination. Sebastian sets Delirious down gently and says "well we're here". Delirious looks up and says "wow.....this is a great place to live, reminds me a bit of something you could live in in GTA 5". Sebastian turned to him and said "hm? I'm sorry what was that, I dont understand of what you just said". Delirious then said "wait a dont know of anything like GTA 5". Sebastian only said "I do not know of what this GTA 5 is, from where you come from it is a thing, where you are at now....its something that really doesnt exist. Although I can put it this way for you: from where you come from it is modern day time meaning a lot of technology, the place you are now currently in has nothing like that, you are in a different time period, say that you wen back in the past really". Delirious being rather surprised by that only reacted by saying "WHAT?! I WENT BACK IN TIME!? WHAT YEAR IS THIS THEN!?". Sebastian replied saying "about the late 1800's". Delirious let out one of his well known screams that he does and starts breathing really fast and heavy as if he just got jumpscared in a Horror Game he was playing. Sebastian only just smiled at him and said "do no worry, I can get you used to this time period, with you wearing what you are currently wearing now it just doesnt really fit well with the time period you are now in". Delirious only looked down seeing he was wearing his usual light blue hoodie, grey shirt, his well known hockey mask, plus pants and shoes as normal. Delirious then looked at Sebastian saying "are you saying I have to change my clothes into something that fits this entire time period?". Sebastian only said "only if you want to, I wont force you to change into different clothing unless you say it is ok". Delirious then said "I may think about it for a moment, I do like my usual clothing I wear anyways".

Sebastian lead Delirious inside of the mansion. Delirious looked around and was really amazed by it. However before Delirious could ask Sebastian something, he was tackled and all that was hear was "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!". Sebastian turned around to see that Delirious had disappeared behind him, that wasnt until he looked to the left of him to see that someone had tackled Delirious. Sebastian went up to Delirious asking if he was ok. Delirious then only said "yeah I'm fine, it's just this bitch tackled me! The fuck is wrong with her!". The girl that had tackled Delirious looked up, quickly getting off of Delirious she quickly apologized to him "oh dear, I'm so sorry, whoever you are!" she said in a panic as if she would get in trouble for it. Sebastian helped Delirious up and then introduced him to the girl that had accidentally tackled Delirious, "Mr. Delirious, this here is Mey-Rin, she is the only maid here, meaning a female butler technically or female servant. And Mey-rin, this is Mr. Delirious, he may be staying for a while since he had recently showed up out of nowhere, found him out in a grassy plain area oddly". Mey-rin only said "nice to meet you, Mr. Delirious, you dont look like you are from around here." Delirious was about to explain until Mey-rin started freaking out and said she had to take care of something and ran the opposite direction. Delirious then asked "why the fuck did she tackle me, didnt she even see me right in front of her?!". Sebastian then went and said "well you see, she's mostly an accident prone, she messes up quite a lot and the only reason she tackled you was most likely because she wasnt paying attention and had tripped, thus the reason why she tackled you". Delirious then said " bad for calling her a fucking bitch then". Sebastian only said "dont worry, I sometimes think the same thing but I find it a little rude so I dont really think too much about it".

Sebastian continued showing Delirious around the place until there was a loud explosion coming from the kitchen area, resulting in Delirious doing one of his famous screams again and saying "THE FUCK IS SOMEONE SETTING BOMBS OFF IN THERE OR SOMETHING, HOLY SHIT!!!!". Sebastian only took a look to see that the kitchen was a mess, Sebastian walked up to the only person in the kitchen who looked rather messy due to the explosion and plus they had a flamethrower. Delirious then took a look at them "holy shit, a flamethrower, is that how they cooked back in this time period, jesus!". Sebastian introduced Delirious to who appeared to be the cook, "Mr. Delirious I would like to introduce you to Bard, he's the cook in this Mansion however he....has his ways of cooking meals which end up turning out badly, leaving me to do everything. And Bard this is Mr. Delirious, he's a newcomer around here". Bard greeted Delirious. Sebastian then got Delirious out of the kitchen just to finish showing Delirious around.

Sebastian finally showed Delirious the garden area, however Delirious turned to the sound of what sounded like whining. Delirious could see what appeared to be the gardener going up to Sebastian and hugging onto him and going on about how he messed something up and that he was sorry. Sebastian only sighed and introduced the gardener to Delirious. "Finny this is Mr. Delirious, he was will be staying for a while. Mr. Delirious this is Finny, he's our gardener". Delirious looked at Finny and said "awww you're so cute!" Finny then smiled and said "it's nice to meet you Mr. Delirious, and thanks for the compliment, it was sure nice to meet you I hope we can get to know each other". After that Finny went back to doing his work. Sebastian sighed and then explained to Delirious that the three had had just met are just three servants that mess up. Delirious then said " for them then if they can do anything right". Sebastian then said "yes, I feel that same exact way, Delirious".

Lastly, Sebastian took Delirious to meet the one he served. Sebastian let Delirious in, and right straight in front of Delirious appeared to be a kid with an eye patch. The kid only said "Sebastian.....who is this that you have brought here, he doesnt look at all like he is from around here, he is rather strange looking too". Delirious then said "the serve a kid?!". Sebastian then said "yes......yes I do apparently". Sebastian took Delirious up to the kid and introduced Delirious to him, "young master, this here is Mr. Delirious, I found him out sitting in a grassy plain area while I was walking around for a bit, he isnt exactly from here but is from what I can only assume to be....the future or something like that. Mr. Delirious this is my young master". The kid looked up at Delirious and said "the name is Ciel Phantomhive". Delirious then said "what kind of name is that exactly....never heard of a name like that before heh heh". Delirious said which apparently made Ciel rather more unamused by Delirious since Delirious was acting rather strange in front of him. Ciel could only think inside of his head 'the bloody hell is wrong with this guy?! Surely he aint from around here but, he is a strange one though'. Ciel finally said to Sebastian "take him to a room that he can stay in for now, while I decide if he can stay here or not, well he can stay for a while since he probably has nowhere else to go". Sebastian only nodded and took Delirious to an open room. "I hope the room is to your liking", Delirious then told him that it would be fine. After Sebastian had left to leave Delirious alone in the room, Delirious just sat on the bed and thought about his friends: Vanoss, WILDCAT, Mini Ladd, Nogla, and the rest of the crew. Delirious wished they were there with him.
Black Delirious Butler - Chapter 1
Chapter 1 to the new Fanfic.

Delirious has now met the three other servants along with Ciel, who will Delirious meet next in the next Chapter.

Black Butler belongs to Yana Toboso.
H2O Delirious owns himself obviously. XD
It was a rather interesting day for YouTuber, H20 Delirious. He received an email from a fan of his that was named Anonymous. They probably wanted to keep their name secret maybe. Delirious read the message carefully like he would read all the comments he gets every day on his YouTube Videos. It was a Request to watch something apparently, a specific Anime that this fan just so happened to love very very much. It was a request to watch one of the most well known Animes ever, Black Butler. Delirious noticed that the request didnt tell him what episode to watch specifically. He decided to check into it on YouTube to see if he could find. Sure enough he did, he decided to start with Episode 1 so he could try and see for himself.

A few minutes into the episode Delirious was already confused however he started to feel weird. Everything went blank for a bit. But then suddenly Delirious had opened his eyes. Delirious was in a rather unknown environment however it wasnt reality anymore but instead it was more of an animated world. Delirious took a look at himself a little to notice he had been animated a little. He looked around for a bit. Delirious had been sitting in grass for some time, however he could see a tall figure walking towards him, he couldnt make out who it was or what it may be, although he could tell that it had to be someone human. Delirious waved out to the figure yelling "HEY YOU!!!! CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME WHERE I AM!?!?!?!". However he didnt receive an answer. Although Delirious looked around some more but when he turned to look in the direction the figure had come from, the figure was up close to him finally and Delirious could finally see what they had looked like.

"greetings, I see that you arent from around here, may I take you to my young master's mansion for a while. You look like you have nowhere to go." Delirious first asked "who are you? I have no idea where I am at and why this world looks so weird". The figure that had greeted Delirious had greeted himself, "oh forgive me, I should have introduced myself first thing to a newcomer like you, my name is Sebastian Michaelis, I am a Butler of the Phantomhive Mansion". Delirious looked at him a bit "if only my friend Vanoss were here, you could have met my friends. My name is Delirious". Sebastian looked at him and said "hm, quite an interesting name I must say, come, I shall lead you back to the Phantomhive Mansion." Delirious went and followed Sebastian back to the Mansion. This would be an interesting adventure for H2O Delirious.
Black Delirious Butler - Prologue
The start of a new Fanfic I started thinking of not too long ago. XD

Just to give a small little summary about what this story will be about: Delirious gets a request from a fan to watch an Anime instead of a request for a game to play. Delirious finds out that this Anime is called Black Butler, not knowing what the Anime was, he went to look into it and watched the first episode. Confused as he could possibly be, it was only a few minutes into the episode until everything went blank for him. Delirious wakes up to find himself in the world of the Anime and who does he first meet? Take a look for yourself.

Black Butler belongs to Yana Toboso.

H2O Delirious owns himself obviously. XD

Is it just me or?

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 19, 2015, 1:38 AM
Does everyone run from me when I tell them what the hell my problem is. Every time I tell someone what is going on, they never answer back after I say what my problem is...its happened two times already and I feel like people already hate me. If anyone hates me then please tell me you do cause I dont like it when you end up keeping secrets from me. I get the feeling too many people hate me here so I should probably just leave forever

  • Mood: Pissed Off
  • Listening to: Nothing
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  • Playing: Call of Duty Black Ops 2
  • Eating: Potato Chips
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How many of you care if I disappear tomorrow? 

10 deviants said I do......dont leave......
No deviants said I dont care go ahead and disappear you were never needed here anyways you dumbass!
No deviants said ..........


Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
My name is Delilah (im not giving my real name though) and i am 17 years old.

I start playing Pokémon about almost four years ago now, I first got HeartGold, my Starter being a Female Totodile named Toto, then I got Pokémon Diamond, yet it was a pain in the butt to beat, my Starter being a Male Piplup named Mumble, then I got SoulSilver, my Starter being Cyndaquil, then I got I believe Pearl next since I got it for Christmas, my Starter I forgot but I think was Chimchar, then I got Platinum, my starter being Chimchar, then I got Pokémon White Version, my Starter being Snivy, then I got Pokémon Black Version, my Starter being Tepig, then I got Black 2, my Starter being Oshawott, then got White 2, my Starter being Oshawott again, since I restarted my game my Starter was now Tepig, then I got Y Version, my Starter being a Female Fennekin named Stella, then finally I got X Version, my Starter being a Male Froakie named Francis.

As for the Gameboy games I got LeafGreen first, my Starter being Charmander, I got all Gameboy games from, then I got Pokémon Yellow, of all the obvious having Pikachu, then I got Sapphire, my starter being Torchic, then I got Red Version next I think, my first time starting the game, having it be Squirtle, then I restarted the game again and still my Starter was Squirtle, then I got Gold from a friend of mine, my Starter being Totodile, like in HeartGold except this Totodile was Male instead of Female, then I got Blue Version finally I think Starter.....Charmander. In Crystal I got Tododile as my Starter, and in Silver I got Cyndaquil as my Starter.

My favorite Pokémon of all is Absol, my favorite Starter in Johto is a tie between Cyndaquil and Totodile, my favorite Starter in Kanto is a tie between Charmander and Squirtle, my favorite Starter in Hoenn is a tie between Treecko and Torchic, my favorite Sinnoh Starter is a tie between Turtwig and Chimchar, my favorite Unova Starter is a tie between Snivy and Oshawott, and finally my favorite Kalos Starter is a tie between Fennekin and Froakie. In

My favorites of each type.

Normal - :iconpuruglyplz:
Fire - :icontyphlosionplz:
Water - :iconsamurottplz:
Grass - :iconserperiorplz:
Electric - :iconjolteonplz:
Dragon - :icongarchompplz:
Ground - :iconmarowakplz:
Poison - :iconarbokplz:
Dark - :iconweavileplz:
Psychic - :iconmespritplz:
Fighting - :iconlucarioplz:
Steel - :iconaggron-plz:
Flying - :iconcrobatplz:
Bug - :iconscytherplz:
Rock - :icontyranitarplz:
Ghost -:iconmismagiusplz:
Ice - :iconglaceonplz:
Fairy - :iconsylveonplz:

My favorite Rival Group - :iconteamgalacticplz:
Region: Sinnoh

My favorite Pokemon Characters

Magma Leader Maxie
Magma Admin Tabitha
Brock and his Croagunk
Champion Lance
Champion Steven
Champion Wallace
Champion Red
Champion Blue/Green
Rival Silver
Rocket Admin Archer
Rocket Admin Proton
Gym Leader Volkner
Gym Leader Falkner
Gym Leader Morty
Gym Leader Roark
Elite Four Grimsley
Brendan (Male Character from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald)
May (Female Character from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald)
Magma Admin Courtney
Aqua Admin Shelly
Gym Leader Clair
Courage the Cowardly Dog
Rainbow Dash
Colress - Team Plasma

Most Disliked characters

Champion Cynthia
Officer Jenny
Galactic not really Commander Charon
Galactic Leader Cyrus
Aqua Leader Archie
Rocket Leader Giovanni
Eustace from Courage the Cowardly Dog

Most disliked moment in pokemon:Team Galactic being arrested
Most liked moment in pokemon:Team Galactics appearance

Favorite Legendary Pokémon - :icondialgaplz:

Requests: open but only 3-4 at a time.
Art trades: open
Gifts: open for friends only
Commissions:ask me first

:iconrainbow-mplz: :iconrainbow-yplz:
:iconrainbow-bplz: :iconrainbow-eplz: :iconrainbow-splz: :iconrainbow-tplz:
:iconrainbow-fplz: :iconrainbow-rplz: :iconrainbow-iplz: :iconrainbow-eplz: :iconrainbow-nplz: :iconrainbow-dplz: :iconrainbow-splz:

:iconrainbowdashiemlpfan: :iconespeon804: :iconvanessagiratina: :iconglaciliina: :iconcatstar911: :iconspock1234: :iconjuuchan17: :iconmylostfreedom: :icondetectivesimunlee: :iconazure7898: :iconborsaline-tresbien: :iconeeriewolf: :iconnyancat17: :iconnoibatmaniac: :iconpokespebanette: :iconjacriajewels: :iconcatilena1890:

Meet My Girlfriend. :heart:

Stuff I Like

Team Plasma

All Colress Stamp by cathanupto Team Plasma Boss Colress by Marlenesstamps Colress stamp by JacriaJewels Colress stamp by JacriaJewels


Fuck Yeah Feraligatr Stamp by Spikytastic pokemon red version stamp by sable-saro Kanto Fan Stamp by Empovyle Pokemon Trainer Red stamp by LeatherRuffian 009 - Blastoise by Marlenesstamps 009 Blastoise Stamp by Kevfin 009 - Blastoise by PokeStampsDex OriginShipping Stamp by S-Laughtur OriginalShipping Stamp by S-Laughtur Stones stamp by Goku-chan Tsuwabuki Daigo Stamp 1 by Scythr Gym Leader Blue by Marlenesstamps Champion Wallace by Marlenesstamps PKMN Trainer Silver by Marlenesstamps PKMN Trainer Ethan by Marlenesstamps PKMN Trainer Red by Marlenesstamps Aggron stamp by Numbuh9 Female Aggron. by Monster-Boar 306 - Aggron by Marlenesstamps 306 - Aggron by PokeStampsDex Elite Four Member Grimsley by Marlenesstamps 384 - Rayquaza by Marlenesstamps Steven Stone Stamp by Goku-chan Champion Steven by Marlenesstamps Champion Lance by Marlenesstamps -LANCE- Stamp: 1 by Drag0n-Mistr3ss Takeshi - Brock Stamp by KamisStamps Mightyena by Cathines-Stamps Pokemon Ruby Stamp by laprasking Mightyena Stamp by DjMan12545 262 - Mightyena by Marlenesstamps 262 - Mightyena by PokeStampsDex My First Pet Was Totodile by NateFox Hoenn Fan Stamp by Empovyle Pokemon Sapphire Stamp by laprasking I heart groudon stamp by IgniteTheBlaize 383 - Groudon by Marlenesstamps454 - Toxicroak by PokeStampsDex Poochyena + Mightyena Stamp by Heart-Stamp 336 - Seviper by Marlenesstamps Pokemon Platinum Stamp by laprasking Anti-Poke Porn Stamp by KittyPerson101 Jimmy stamp by SA948-Stamps Pokemon Conquest Stamp by RandomStamps Butch - Kosaburo Stamp by KamisStamps Kojiro - James Stamp by KamisStamps Pokemon Heart Gold Stamp by laprasking Pokemon Soul Silver Stamp by laprasking Nidoking Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Pokemon Pearl Stamp by laprasking Gallade Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps The Legendary Pokemon by Marlenesstamps Salamence Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Pokemon Yellow Stamp by laprasking Pokemon Leaf Green Stamp by laprasking Pokemon HeartGold stamp by Bourbons3 Pokemon SoulSilver stamp by Bourbons3 Evolution Stamp by SquirtleStamps Mew Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Rayquaza Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Stamp- Pokemon Fangirl by Sweety-Wanda Glaceon Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Latias Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Shaymin Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Pokemon Y stamp by ingart15 Shiny Charizard Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Lugia Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Mewtwo Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Charizard Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Suicune Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Lucario Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Mightyena Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Ninetails Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Absol Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Luxray Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Pokemon Black 2 Stamp by Torotix Rayquaza Stamp by gangsterg Pokemon Diamond Stamp by VisionRevolution Charizard Stamp by kuro-stamps REQUEST: Gotta tame em' all by SimbaTheHuman 445 - Garchomp by Marlenesstamps Flying-Type Stamp by Yenshin Poison-Type Stamp by Yenshin Dragon-Type Stamp by Yenshin Dark-Type Stamp by Yenshin Electric-Type Stamp by Yenshin Jolteon Stamp by EeveeQueenJigglypuff 135 - Jolteon by Marlenesstamps Jolteon Fan Stamp by StampMania Purugly Fan by DeadCatStamps 432 - Purugly by Marlenesstamps 435 - Skuntank by Marlenesstamps Croagunk Evolution Line Stamp by nakashimariku 454 - Toxicroak by Marlenesstamps Ninetales Fan by Revengeof-TheFallen Sinnoh Fan Stamp by Empovyle Johto Fan Stamp by Empovyle I Support Pokemon White by Miya902 Stamp Attempt: 2 by pokemon6656 Lucario Fan stamp by Milestailsprower2991 Pokemon stamp by maxari4 Pokemon Stamp by WetWithRain Diamond Owner Stamp by Stampsandcrap Dialga Stamp by TDLBallistic Dialga Stamp by angelasamshi Dialga Stamp 0 by ice-fire STAMP: Dialga Fan by Graphrite 483 - Dialga by Marlenesstamps Dialga Stamp by ice-fire 483 - Dialga by PokeStampsDex

Team Galactic
Team Galactic commanders stamp by JacriaJewels Team Galactic stamp by VanessaGiratina team galactic by WolfLover62 STAMP - TG B-2 by Juuchan17 Team G Stamp by hokori-no-ginga STAMP - TG Mitsumi by Juuchan17 STAMP - Team Galactic by Juuchan17 Stamp - Team Galactic by kaitoupirate Commander Saturn by Marlenesstamps Saturn stamp by SA948-Stamps STAMP - TG Saturn by Juuchan17 Saturn Stamp by MiyokoHikaru Saturn Stamp by VanessaGiratina Commander saturn stamp by saturnmarsjuipter Commander Saturn Stamp by turtlesaur Saturn stamp by JacriaJewels MarsxSaturn Stamp by ShadowStarEXE I support conjunctionshipping stamp by VanessaGiratina Mars is awesome stamp by VanessaGiratina Commader Mars stamp by saturnmarsjuipter Commander Mars stamp by turtlesaur Commander Mars by Marlenesstamps STAMP - TG Mars by Juuchan17 Mars stamp by JacriaJewels

Courage the Cowardly Dog
courage luv stamp by Zephyr13 Courage Stamp by Gehdahnia Courage by SareSai

Team Magma

Magma Stamp by TMA-Club Team Magma Stamp by Kara-tails Stamp - Team Magma by kaitoupirate Team Magma is Better by TheLimeTangerine Team Magma Leader Maxie by Marlenesstamps Team Magma Stamp by TheLimeTangerine Team Magma stamp 2 by Magegirl-Nino


APH- America Alfred stamp by Tokis America Hetalia Stamp by daisykart Hetalia Italy Stamp by NekoBattousai PASTAAAAA stamp by those-silly-demons Hetalia-Russia Stamp by Master-Aqua Hetalia stamp 001 by Floryblue12 Hetalia Stamp-Romano by Tyley-Brittany Hetalia Italy Stamp by leadervance

Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot stamp by LillyRabbit

My Little Pony

Rainbow Dash +Stamp+ by RainbowDashPlz Rainbow Dash Stamp by GekxGeval Equestria Girls Rainbow Dash Stamp by NatouMJSonic

Nazi Zombies

nikolie stamp by spartanwill I love Nazi Zombies Stamp by QueenJellybeany

Lync Volan stamp 3 by Iloveyoukisshu

Lion King
Banzai Fan Stamp by Konyhyuga-sama Shenzi Fan stamp by Konyhyuga-sama Villainous Hyenas -Stamp- by Glowhyena Banzai -Stamp- by Glowhyena Shenzi -Stamp- by Glowhyena Hyena Stamp by Kaaziel CYFTLT stamp by RogueLottie Shenzi II -Stamp- by Glowhyena Stamp Shenzi by HavickArt

Five Nights at Freddy's

five nights at freddy's - foxy stamp by kawaiicunt-stamps

RPG Horror Games

Mad Father title stamp by OoBloodyRavenoO Mad Father - Doctor stamp by OoBloodyRavenoO Aya stamp by OoBloodyRavenoO RPG Horror Game Love Stamp by PONYPUKE

Black Butler

Kuro: Grell stamp by Kaze-yo stamp: Grell has a nosebleed by Isi-Daddy William x Grell Stamp by cleo-kitten Grell X William stamp by khrazah


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